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Ranking the F1 field from trackside [bericht #11332] vr, 09 maart 2018 06:20 Naar volgende bericht
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1. Mercedes.
To rank the Mercedes top came as something of a surprise given how strong the Red Bull had looked earlier in testing. You could argue in the fast stuff the Red Bull had a slight edge, but in the slower corners the Mercedes looked outstanding.

There were a few moments when there were traces of instability for the Mercedes - nothing major. But on a long run for Lewis Hamilton through Campsa, the Turn 9 right hander that leads onto the back straight, a few times he had to make adjustments between turn-in and apex that Max Verstappen didn't have to in the Red Bull.

In the chicane, however, the Mercedes looked mighty. Hamilton is a master at rotating the rear on turn-in on the brakes, and this was a car that allowed him to practice that art to perfection, ensuring he carried good speed out and through the chicane.

2. Red Bull.
The Red Bull looked stunningly composed in most corners on a long stint, and seemed to look after the tyres well enough to do that even as the run went on.

Through the flowing run from the Turn 1 right-hander, the kink at Turn 2 then into Turn 3 Verstappen was able to complete every direction change in one flowing movement. The only time he had any trouble in the long right-hander was when behind Hamilton, which caused him to lose downforce and run wide.

In the chicane, the car still looked good but not quite as consistent and predictable as the Mercedes. The one caveat is that it wasn't possible to watch him through that corner as much as others given he spent a lot of time in the garage at that point in the day. So that might have been a false read that costs the car number one in the eye test.

3. Ferrari

On the first day of testing, the Ferrari looked like the car to have. But seven days in, it has slipped down to third. That's not to say it's bad, because it isn't, but there are still signs that Ferrari has not got on top of the high rake it's now running.

Most strikingly, at Turns 3, 9 and the final corner, it sounded like the T-tray was scraping along the ground while cornering. Potentially this is down to the attitude of the car and suggests that Ferrari still has work to do in getting its mechanical platform right. A hint of imbalance on turn-in supports that suspicion.
While Vettel was on his race simulation, it did seem he was struggling a little more with the rear tyres going away than the Mercedes and Red Bull drivers towards the end of his stint. That doesn't necessarily point to an underlying problem, but it does make you wonder if the change in rake and connected set-up adaptations has made a difference to the car's

4. Renault
5. McLaren
6. Haas
7. Toro Rosso
8. Force India
9. Williams
10. Sauber

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Volgens AMuS ligt Mercedes momenteel een straatlengte voor.
Minimaal drietiende per ronde en in in longruns gisteren een seconde per ronde op Redbull en nog meer op Ferrari.
Enige hoop die er zou zijn is het feit dat de mercedes auto klaar is, terwijl bij Redbull en Ferrari nog belangrijke updates verwacht worden. Ook Renault zou nog wat extra PKs pas in Melbourne vrijgeven.
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